The Mints - Spearmint and Peppermint, Apple Mint, etc.

Peppermint and its cousins, Spearmint and Apple Mint and more even. Its fun to smell the different mints in a garden, and I have done this at a friends house before. The mints have been around for thousands of years, and enjoyed by many in that time.

Some Greek Mythology mentions mint, its origins, aroma, etc. We also see it mentioned in Biblical times. Evidently, the pharisees tithed with it, it was counted that important and valuable. The Romans of course, used mint often in religious ceremonies. They would wrap mint into wreaths to be worn on the head.

Of course many of us now know that mint is still used around the homes, in many gums and candies, and used to treat some different common ailments. For instance, it is known to stimulate and aid digestion, calming the system some. It can help in reducing cramping, aiding in relieving tension, and even a means to kill germs.

The fragrance of mint is used for a feeling of invigoration, a true natural remedy for fatigue. I didn't realize how true that could be until I got a wonderful strong peppermint bubble bath/shower gel one time. I kid you not, that smelled lovely, and I hope to find it again, as I got it at Bath and Body Works, though it was from a different line. It literally felt like it was "waking up the senses!"

Coolest thing of all, its delicious in a hot or iced tea. From green tea, black, herbal, you name it, I love it all. It just feels healthy.